17% of Global Traffic Comes via the Mobile Internet

17.4% of Global Web Traffic Comes Through Mobile: "People around the globe are accessing the web via their smartphones more often than ever. So far in 2013, 17.4% of web traffic has come through mobile, representing more than a 6% increase since 2012 when 11.1% of traffic came from mobile

Penetration of SIM Cards in Europe Highest in the world at 125%

At the end of 2012, Europe had close to 400M unique mobile subscribers (i.e. people) actively using 629 million mobile connections (i.e. SIM cards).

Chinese Mobile Web Inching towards a billion mark, ,838million of out 1.23billion go online via web

Chinese Mobile Internet Users have just surpasses 838 million in January ,2014 According to Chinese Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT) , this accounts for 68% of total Mobile Users


Monday, February 24, 2014

Get Ready For Voice Calls From WhatsApp by August

Whats App Explosive Growth

The  Growth of Whats App

After Text Messaging, WhatsApp to allow free voice calls by mid-year  "Fresh from a $19-billion (14-billion-euro) takeover by Facebook, mobile 

messaging service WhatsApp said Monday it will launch free voice calls by mid-year. The introduction of free calls, revealed on the opening day of the four-day World Mobile Congress in Barcelona, Spain, would match rival application Viber's similar offering. "We are going to introduce voice on WhatsApp in the second quarter of this year," according to WhatsApp founder Jan Koum

WhatsApp Founder Basking in the Glory of " being the latest Poster boy of the Tech industry reflected on his early days, when he was  told  that" He was not good enough to quality for Yahoo " as an Enginerr

Further Jan Koum  " announced that today WhatsApp total subscribers was around 465million users. In the first 4 years of launch " WhatsApp has Beaten Facebook, Gmail and Skype . ( see the image)

Sunday, February 23, 2014

Smartphone Penetration in China to cross 44% in 2017,


The Writing on the wall is loud and Clear . Smartphone Users  in China are expected to number  591  million by 2017.This is a almost rise of 42%  compared to 2013 . Along with this the Mobile Phone users is set to rise to 49% in china  from 43% in 2014

Saturday, February 22, 2014

UK Tablet ownders downloading more Apps has compared to Smartphone uses

via source 
The above data from statista shows the number of apps downloaded monthly in the UK in 2013, by mobile device. Around 20% reported downloading over 5 tablet apps. Meanwhile, 18 percent of respondents reported downloading three to four tablet apps per month.

US Smartphone users spending 114.28 billion minutes on Facebook

Statistic: Time spent on selected mobile social services in the United States in February 2013 (in billion monthly minutes) | Statista
Find more statistics at Statista
According to the  statista,this is the time spent on selected mobile services in the United States . During February 2013 smartphone users in the United States spent 114.28 billion minutes on Facebook

Monday, February 17, 2014

The Cost of Owning " Android Smartphone vs cost of owning an iOS "

Infographic: The Price Gap Between iOS and Android Is Widening | Statista

The Average Cost Comparison between owning  Android vs iOS Mobile OS  :

Though its  hardly a surprise that the average selling price of Apple's iPhones is higher than that of Android smartphones. as What is surprising though, is the fact that the price gap between iOS and Android devices is actually widening.T

In 2013 the price gap was $374, up from just $261 in 2010. Despite Apple's introduction of the (only slightly) cheaper iPhone 5C, the avrage iPhone selling price was more than twice as high as the average price of an Android smartphone

This can be explained in 2 ways

The costing between the   App Developers of both the mobile OS,  Android and iOS is not the same . This is due to the fact that 
The  “ developers cost “ for creating an app for Apple ( iOs )  and Android  is higher in Apple’s iOS as Apple pays more to the developers , hence the price point charged to consumers is high

THE HARDWARE SIDE:   While the cost of manufacturing for both the OEM’s  should not be much of a difference given the volumes both Apple and Google enjoy. However  the difference  comes down to the Brand Brand Perception and the Coolness Factor which Apple enjoy

Apple  have positioned themselves more on the consumer side (  the fashionista crowd.. led by loyal and core Mactinosh users who were early adopters and had history on its side to boast of

.Android however has no History to boast off ..neither it had the " coolness of its Founder  and its growth has not been organic ( as it supplies to other OEMS,s too) including Samsung, Ericsson, Xolo, Micromax, LG , Lenevo  and Motorola )
 That's why, despite  and inspite of declining  in market share, Apple still takes the lion's share of profits in the smartphone industry

50% Chinese Smartphone Users now "Use Android

Source: StatCounter Global Stats - OS Market Share

In China android is having  a free run, with more than 50% Chinese Smartphone users now using the Google powered Android mobile OS.. Statscounter data suggests that during the last 6 months. Android has recorded 63% while iOS is far behind with  22%..

Meanwhile Apple's iOS has " clawed back during the last 6 months and recorded a a 6% jump  , and now owns 22% market share.

Meanwhile According to research firm  Kantar Worldpanel ComTech.ogle’s Android OS is dominating the Chinese smartphone market and is now installed on more than half of all devices in the country,

Number of Chinese Mobile users now stands at 1,185 ,million , with 10% growth YoY

This graph shows the number of mobile phone users in China until December 2013. In July 2013, about 1,185 million mobile users were registered in China.

 This is a 10% growth over the earlier year when China had 1112 million Mobile Users in 

In China Android leads as the Mobile Browser of Choice in Smartphones, Tablets and Consoles "

Source: StatCounter Global Stats - Browser Market Share 

According to the latest stats counter data  On the Chinese Mobile Browsers from August to September 2014. which includes ( Mobile, Tablets and Consoles )   , shows that  Android a continues to lead now across  almost  all regions,, with 24%  market ( 6 mths average ) while Safari and iOS were no 2 and 3 respectively. In  China  Android now has approx  24% of  market share across cross devices mentioned above )

If you remove the UC Browser ( Free Mobile Browser) Android tops during the last 6 months, it has grown 4 % in China, from " 21% to 26%, while Safari was no 2, and 3 was iphones ( iOS) 

Sunday, February 16, 2014

89% Ad Impressions in China comes from Mobile Apps, the rest from Mobile web

Mobile App usage in China at

According to the latest insights by Inmobi shows that 89% Mobile Ad Impressions comes Mobile App, in CHINA while contrast that with 11% that comes from the Moble web.

 So what does this mean  for technology and mobile marketers in China?

 Number 1) The chinese Smartphone Markets" are at its product Maturation stage  as the early adopters which started to " grow since the iPhone revolution have graduated  to  the "  Highly engaged Mobile App Curve quickly ..

Number 2:)or the Chinese the Mobile ecosystem is centered round " The Mobile Apps"  that also means that the demand vs Supply Gap in terms of the app going live and the user interactivity  only means money for developers  as they are the cogs of the while running the supply part.

Number 3)With more developers , comes new adopters, which in turn ' influences a huge audience v which in turn creates a new market for  Native App  or  Hybrid App

Number 4: this also explains the ever exploding size of the Chinese Smartphone to support the 89% mobile impressions that are powered by only Mobile Apps 

Hotel Industry Mobile App Usage, among the most downloaded Apps

The Hotel and Travel Industries  are quietly embracing Mobile Technology via Apps and connected devices Technology and Mobile Apps and along the process are creating a new digital   distribution channels powered by Smartphones and connected devices 

Marriot Hotels is said to developing " MOBILE CHECK-INS AND CHECKOUT,  mobile bookings and an app that lets you to  see the virtual " rooms before they book.   whis is the latest move from the company toward offering a fully mobile service to connected travelleTrs coming through its doors. 

Mobile check-in and checkouts are now included in 326 North American Hotels with an additional 22 hotels being added next week. early adLater in the year, all 500 properties owned by Marriott worldwide will benefit from the mobile service, which is available in English, Chinese, French, Spanish and German

Saturday, February 15, 2014

$70 Discount for Moto X to Continue this month

Motorola has extended the discount on the Moto X for another week. You can now get $70 off from any of the unlocked Moto X models without a contract till February 22. The deal was originally supposed to expire on February 14 but has now been extended for another week.

Motorola in keeping with Industry trends has seen several price drops in the pastThe Moto X has seen frequent price drops in the past since it was launched. The phone initially launched at a steep price of $499, which after a slew of discounts was permanently dropped to $399. Now the cheapest 16GB model can be purchased for $329 and the 32GB standard and developer edition models for $379

Microsofts New virtual assistance CORTANA, to Take on Apple's SIRI

Move over Siri.. Microsoft is all set to take the fight' to Apple with its own version of virtual assistance WPLeaks has posted the above video of what appears to be the first real look at the voice assistant code-named CORTANA by Microsoft 

 If you are wondering "why has Microsoft chosen a name, which is a tong twister, hard to remember unlike Apple's is is because "" Cortana is a fictional artificially intelligent (AI) character in the Halo video game series. Voiced by Jen Taylor, she appears in Halo: Combat Evolved and its sequels, Halo 2, Halo 3 and Halo 4. 

Cortana is a name taken from the AI (artificially intelligent) character featured in the Halo games, but she may be the voice of Microsoft’s Siri challenger. According to early leaks, the virtual assistant will respond to voice commands to provide details on the weather, your calendar entries, and navigational duties."ortana may spread beyond Windows Phone in the future, becoming a part of Windows on PCs and the Xbox

Windows Phone GDR3 Update now in Lumia 1020 and 925

Although  Microsoft has not confirmed a release date  of "official launch of Windows Phone 8.1,   for for 8.1:   According to rumours  it is expected to be revealed during the annual Build conference  when Microsoft has scheduled Build 2014 for April 2

However the Lumia Black  has been updated with the  latest version the Lumia 1020 and 925 will be the first to receive Lumia Black (it’s already showing up in many regions), followed by other models over the course of the next few weekWindows Phone’s GDR3 release ( General Distribution Release)

Some of the features includes are

  • FEATURES OF WINDOWS 8.1 GDR : This new addition  of Windows brings the ability to create app folders through Nokia’s App Folder app (also available as a separate app on the Windows Phone Store for all WP8 handsets),

  • Among the new features inlcudes " a Nokia Beamer", which allows users to share documents and multimedia to an “HTML5-enabled screen by simply scanning a QR code on the screen,

  •  GDR3 brings support for 1080p displays and bigger screens, with Microsoft claims is a 6-inch screens.The photo apps include Nokia’s Camera app found on PureView devices to existing phones, 

PC World Lists UK's Top 5 Smartphones by Performance

Best Smartphones of 2014 by PC World
Rating :4.5

The Galaxy S4 mini is a great mid-range option, offering the same styling – which includes the same mediocre build quality – as its flagship counterpart, with a cheaper price tag..
2. Nokia Lumia 720
Rating: 4.5

The  Lumia 720 is a good looking handset that has “a well balanced interface with Windows 8
Nokia Lumia 1520

Rating: 4.5
The Nokia Lumia 1520 is probably the best Windows Phone 8.0 in the market with a  robust and smooth interface and build quality, a great camera to boost it

Rating: 4.5
HTC  One Max is not for every one . Its one of the phones that look bulky, bigger size than standard 5 inch display . Those of you  who wants to flaunt a phone that juts out of your pocket, and would like to make a style statement . However its one of the best  HTC phones with a great performance and robust build

5. Huawei Ascend P6

Rating: 4.5
The Huawei Ascend P6 almost looks like an iphone  we don’t know if they have tried to copy frame by frame .. But if they have ..its a job well done .. if they havent’ we wonder why  it was not launched earlier. However the Huaewei is  lacking NFC and 4G support. The Camera resolution is simply awesome

India finally gets Android 4.4.2 KitKat update in Motorola Moto G Dual SIM Smartphone

Motorola Moto G Dual SIM gets Android 4.4.2 KitKat update in India: "Motorola has finally started rolling out the Android 4.4.2 (KitKat) update for the Dual SIM Moto G users in India.

Motorola  had indicated that "India users would get the update in a few weeks, at the launch, earlier this month.

The Android 4.4.2 update was first released for the single SIM US variant first, back in December and it started rolling out in Europe, last month.,along with Malaysia and Taiwan 

 This Android version  update brings new phone dialer, printing, Android KitKat features such as restyled status and navigation bars, full-screen mode, color emoji, smarter power use, new camera features, including the most expected manual focus and exposure control and more.

Friday, February 14, 2014

Micromax Launches Bolt A068 with Android 4.4.2 KitKat at Rs 7108

Micromax Bolt A068

Micromax has come up with a mid-range variant smartphone handset  called Micromax Bolt A068 ( as seen in its official  website )However the Smartphone - Bolt A068 is yet to be officially revealed.

However the new smartphone  was available at an online store at Snapdeal with  discounted price of  price of Rs 7,108 The Micromax Bolt A068 comes in White and Blue colors and is priced at Rs. 7,108.

It has a 5-megapixel rear camera with LED flash and a 0.3-megapixel front-facing camera. It comes with dual SIM support with dual standby, similar to other Micromax Bolt series phones.

The A068 is a dual-SIM (GSM+GSM) is powered  by 1GHz dual  core processor phonethat ships with Android 4.2.2 Jelly Bean. There are rumors about the smartphone coming with Kit Kat, the latest Android OS

 The Micromax Bolt A068   has Aa5 inch Display with FWVGA (480 x 854 pixels) resolution and 262K colour depth. 

The Dual Core of  1GHz dual-core is from  MediaTek MT6572M processor paired with 512MB of RAM."However there’s no word on the internal storage, even though the listing says the A068 takes up to 32GB microSD cards. The Bolt A068 packs a 2000mAh battery, which perhaps is its best feature. It’s rated for 7 hours of talktime and 230 hours of standby time.

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Has Apple Lost The Smartphone battle with Samsung

  1. Tablet Market Share Chart - Business Insider: "The PC is officially almost dead/ As s more d more OEMS starts making tablets and tries to tap into the lucrative market into the  Has Apple lost its Mojo ? After Apple became the Most valuable Company in 2010 to 2012.. Apple has taken a beating  as " samung is almost on the verge of "nearing Apple's market share ,

  2.  And believe it or not this growth is coming   fro, from Apple's iPad and iPhone, as Apple's struggles to maintain" its share and  dominance in the market by rolling out new versions of iphones ..But the question is will Apple come up with a revolutionary product anymore after the demise of Jobs  ?.

  3. According to IDC, Apple had 33.8% of the tablet market at the end of 2013. Samsung had 18.8% after growing a whopping 85% year over year.The below chart summarize the chart  showing how samsung i breathing down Apples neck

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

With 51% share ,Android leads in US , Apple is no 1 in Smartphone Hansets

Top Smartphone manufactures : Top 4
3 Month Avg. Ending Dec. 2013 vs. 3 Month Avg. Ending Sep. 2013
Total U.S. Smartphone Subscribers Age 13+
Source: comScore MobiLens
 Share (%) of Smartphone Subscribers
Sep-13Dec-13Point Change
Total Mobile Subscribers100.0%100.0%N/A
Smartphone OS  Platform Market Share

Android ranked as the top smartphone platform in December with 51.5 percent market share, followed by Apple with 41.8 percent (up 1.2 percentage points), BlackBerry with 3.4 percent, Microsoft with 3.1 percent and Symbian with 0.2 percent.
Top Smartphone Platforms
3 Month Avg. Ending Dec. 2013 vs. 3 Month Avg. Ending Sep. 2013
Total U.S. Smartphone Subscribers Age 13+
Source: comScore MobiLens
 Share (%) of Smartphone Subscribers
Sep-13Dec-13Point Change
Total Smartphone Subscribers100.0%100.0%N/A
Top Smartphone Properties & Apps

According to comScore Reports  for December 2013 on the  U.S. Smartphone Market shows shows that un the US "Smartphone OEM Market Share has increased to   156 million people and the US is now on the verge of 65% market share   (65.2 percent mobile market penetration) during the three months ending in December, up 3.2 percent since September.

 Apple ranked as the top OEM with 41.8 percent of U.S. smartphone subscribers (up 1.2 percentage points from September). Samsung ranked second with 26.1 percent market share (up 1.2 percentage points), followed by Motorola with 6.7 percent, LG with 6.6 percent and HTC with 5.7 percent."

However the ANDROID  continued its dominance with 51.5% market share in Mobile OS with  iOS d growing by 1% s= s compared to Q3, 2013 * 41.6% s againts 40.6%

Windows 8 faltered yet again as it failed to make headway inspite of  good reviews  in some sections f=of newspapers in the magazin, as it continued its market share at 3%  from the samel  number in the Q3, 2013

1.5billion Mobile Usage driving 15% mobile web traffic

Mobile web vs internet traffic

There were more than 2.4 billion Internet users worldwide by the end of 2012, up 8 percent from the previous year. But more astounding than ,that was the growth in mobile users. There are about 1.5 billion global subscribers, up from 1.1 billion a year before. That represents about 30 percent growth.

Meanwhile smartphone subscribers number have increased to 5 billion global users,  as compared with 12 bilion since 2012  this figure was just 1.wfromld, smartphone adoption still has a lot of growth ahead. Mobile usage continued to grow, making up about 15 percent of all Internet traffic, compared with 10 percent a ye

Monday, February 10, 2014

Android Users by Mobile Device size

Statistic: Share of Android mobile devices as of October 2012, by device screen size | Statista

The share of Android mobile devices differentiated by the size of the screen on the device. At the time of the survey, 86 percent of all Android devices had a screen size between 3 to 5 inches. Only 6 percent of Android devices had a screen size between 5 and 7 inches, meaning that they could be categorized as "phablets" - smartphone/tablet hybrids.

Sunday, February 9, 2014

Mobile device market to grow to $919billion

Mobile economy to top $3 trillion more quickly than expected: Yankee Group - Mobile Marketer - Research: "The mobile economy is growing at a faster rate than previously expected while also showing signs of maturity

Meanwhile the size of  the mobile device market now expected to reach $919 billion and mobile commerce $906 billion by 2017.

he mobile economy will be valued at $3.1 trillion by 2017, which is $200 million more than Yankee Group forecasted in Oct. 2012. The quick There is plenty of room for opportunity and growth, even as some markets, for instance, the U.S. mobile operator market reaching 50 percent cross-over point for data revenues, reach relative maturity,”

UK Mobile Websites with Highest Traffic: top 10 List

Mobile Traffic by users

US Brands that has Optimized thier website for Mobile

websites which are not optimized for mobile

Friday, February 7, 2014

Chinese Mobile OS Usage by Income:

Eras Medium ITC
The chart from statista  statistic shows Android and iOS users in China in 2012, by annual income. In 2012, 1 percent of Android smartphone users in China earned between 150,000 and 300,000 yuan.Mobile Advertising: 
source :Six Key Chinese Mobile OS  Trends
Published by
Gouhe Ad

Australian ICT led by Big Data and BYOD set to grow exponentially




Australian ICT spending set to be boosted by big data,cloud computing, mobile and social computing: IDC: "Australianbusiness spending on ICT (information and communications technology) will
continue to grow due to big data, cloud, mobile and social technologies,
according to a leading market research firm."

One of the biggestshift will be the rise of BYOD ( Bring your devices to work) and CYOD ( choose
your own device ) . This  the shift isbeing driven, in part, by the costs and complexity involved in supporting andsecuring a large number of devices owned by the end user employee.

This would also allow employers to provide flexible work policies and ablility
to sync data from mutiple devices and aggregate  data centrally

 This .For IT, it will be more manageable to limit the number of devices,
form factors and operating systems. For IT, it will be more manageable to
limit the number of devices, form factors and operating system

How the Mobile Shift will make Traditional Marketing Extinct


GLOBAL MOBILE DATA BY REGION ( data provided by  Cisco )


1.      Wearable Technology – Wearable technology  ( google glass and Samsung Gear  and the rise of connected devices a rise of virtual reality will impact mobile marketing  and   the way we interact with technology and daily life. –

2.       Mobile Big Data:Brands and companies are trying to  decipher the” The wealth of insights” which travels across the mobile networks which contain enormous” pipes of data  waiting to be unravelled for marketing .Mobile Operators will  more or less be a platform which will act as “ conduit for “ providing real time intelligence  that enable marketers to create more tailored, relevant data-led campaigns.

3.      Mobile Shopping to exceed Online Shopping: Needless to add , mobile commerce has finally come of age .Although Desktop ( online shopping  continues  to be quite big) the Mobile  Shopping has grown enormously According to BI IntelligenceIin January 2013, 29% of mobile users have now made a purchase with their phones.  40% of all visits to their Walmart’s   internet shopping site in December 2012 was from a mobile device.

4.      Connected Devices to replace PCs:Bank of America predicts $67.1 billion in purchases will be made from mobile devices by European and U.S. shoppers in 2015. Mobile retailers in UK alone are expected to increase revenues up to 31% in FY 2013-14.

5.      Mobile Automative Alliance : Integration and vehicle integration to enhance their device ecosystems. In an effort to make it easier for Android to enter vehicles, major players in the auto and technology industries, including Google, Audi, GM, Honda, Hyndai and NVIDIA, have come together to form the Open Automotive Alliance (OAA).

Monday, February 3, 2014

Mobile App Ad Impression Higher than Mobile Web in Latin America

Mobile Apps Ad Impressions exceed Mobile web

Android with 40% Leads the Latin American market