Sunday, March 9, 2014

The Startup Story that can become a serious competitor to Pinterest:Weheartit

Pinterest vs WeHeartit Traffic comparison

At One Point WeHeartIt Traffic Was Higher than Pinterest

Fabio Giolito the Man behind WeHeartit

Fabio Giolito : The Founder of WeHeartit ( source : Businessinsider)

This is a new section we are starting which we will cover every month.Our Focus will be  emerging start ups" which " has been " not covered yet or lets say " not much written about in the mainstreatm Media, web or offline . We encourage readers to send in their " Startup story"  big or small, Struggling ,panting or have hit the Bulls eye ...  we will feature them every week ...

 This week we are covering " one of Pinterest's nearest competitor which " has been quietly gaining traction..with very little hype and hoopla around it

It's not often you find a startup used by 25 million people every month. It's also rare to find a startup that serves 50 billion images per month. Welcome of "  which could be categorized as Pinterest's most obvious direct competitor. We.. Heart is a image and photo based social network " and  It describes itself as "A home for your inspiration" and a place to "Organize and share the things you love."

It works similar to how Pinterest works, with users sharing their photos, pictures and things which have its presence on the web, which have be Heart it ( Pin it).over

With  1 million  monthly new users , 2/3 of whom  which are from  mobile devices, Weheart is replicating " almost all social media upstarts where " Mobile web ' traffic 'is becoming the primary " traffic driver

We Heart It members spend more than 16.5 minutes on the site at a time. The average mobile app users opens the app over 25 times per month 

Users can access the site through a web browser or We Heart It's iOS and Android mobile apps.Though WeHeart  has just been noticed and talked about by the mainstream media and public consciousness, but it actually it has been there before both Instagram and Pinterest.

A recent Story featured by Business Insider, Fabio Giolito of Brazil developed We Heart It way back in 2007. He originally invented the technology as a type of social bookmarking tool to use with his friends. However, the concept took off and has slowly grown into to being quite popular

With a Alexa rank of # 757 as of March 10th, 2014  worldwide, In US it ranks  1070. With an employee strength of 20 that is quit an significant achievement  More spectacularly, it has only raised $8 million to Pinterest's $338 million .WeHeartit  had received a funding from White Oak and IDG Ventures. in June 2013.


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