Monday, March 3, 2014

Newer Smartphones Batteries to last 10 days

Smartphones and battery life

Smartphones  with all their oh so smart features  is a big let down in one  of its features.. Its battery life. While Smartphone processors almost doubles in its computing power .. Their Batteries drain much faster . So what do you do .. Wait for a smartphone battery that can probably last at least 24 hours..or what about 10 days .... 

But finally there seems to be a " solution to this...  as Scientists  have developed a battery that uses sugar to generate electricity enough to power a smartphone for 10 days. The bio-battery designed by researchers at Virginia Polytechnic Institute can last more than 25  times than the typical lithium ion batteries  last

In the body, sugar is converted into energy in a process called metabolism, which decomposes sugar into carbon dioxide and water while releasing electrons.


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