Wednesday, March 19, 2014

4 December 2014 – the day Google predicts mobile queries will reach 50%

Global Mobile search will finally match the Global Search via Desktop . And brace yourself for the date , as this is going to happen right this year ( 2014 )4 December 2014 – the day Google predicts mobile querieswill reach 50% | The Drum: "Google has put a date on when

searches made on mobile devices will equal desktop – 4 December 2014. This was announced by Google’s global agency business leader Kelly Twohig  who stated that " This is the day we’ll see queries made onmobile devices reach 50 per cent and 50 per cent from desktop."

A recent research published by  ' Comscore also projects the same   saying that by December this year ( 2014) 40% of display ad impressions will be on mobile phones and added that by the month, 40 per cent of all video views will be on mobile.

Meanwhile according to the above chart by BIA Kesley :  shows that the number of mobile searches is going to surpass the number of searches done from desktop computers by 2015 and keep  rising from there . This is  being led mainly by the  " Smartphones and Tablets and the convergence of Digitally connected Devices  across a "common Mobile OS Platform (  Android/iOS/ Windows 8)


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