Monday, February 17, 2014

The Cost of Owning " Android Smartphone vs cost of owning an iOS "

Infographic: The Price Gap Between iOS and Android Is Widening | Statista

The Average Cost Comparison between owning  Android vs iOS Mobile OS  :

Though its  hardly a surprise that the average selling price of Apple's iPhones is higher than that of Android smartphones. as What is surprising though, is the fact that the price gap between iOS and Android devices is actually widening.T

In 2013 the price gap was $374, up from just $261 in 2010. Despite Apple's introduction of the (only slightly) cheaper iPhone 5C, the avrage iPhone selling price was more than twice as high as the average price of an Android smartphone

This can be explained in 2 ways

The costing between the   App Developers of both the mobile OS,  Android and iOS is not the same . This is due to the fact that 
The  “ developers cost “ for creating an app for Apple ( iOs )  and Android  is higher in Apple’s iOS as Apple pays more to the developers , hence the price point charged to consumers is high

THE HARDWARE SIDE:   While the cost of manufacturing for both the OEM’s  should not be much of a difference given the volumes both Apple and Google enjoy. However  the difference  comes down to the Brand Brand Perception and the Coolness Factor which Apple enjoy

Apple  have positioned themselves more on the consumer side (  the fashionista crowd.. led by loyal and core Mactinosh users who were early adopters and had history on its side to boast of

.Android however has no History to boast off ..neither it had the " coolness of its Founder  and its growth has not been organic ( as it supplies to other OEMS,s too) including Samsung, Ericsson, Xolo, Micromax, LG , Lenevo  and Motorola )
 That's why, despite  and inspite of declining  in market share, Apple still takes the lion's share of profits in the smartphone industry


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