Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Has Apple Lost The Smartphone battle with Samsung

  1. Tablet Market Share Chart - Business Insider: "The PC is officially almost dead/ As s more d more OEMS starts making tablets and tries to tap into the lucrative market into the  Has Apple lost its Mojo ? After Apple became the Most valuable Company in 2010 to 2012.. Apple has taken a beating  as " samung is almost on the verge of "nearing Apple's market share ,

  2.  And believe it or not this growth is coming   fro, from Apple's iPad and iPhone, as Apple's struggles to maintain" its share and  dominance in the market by rolling out new versions of iphones ..But the question is will Apple come up with a revolutionary product anymore after the demise of Jobs  ?.

  3. According to IDC, Apple had 33.8% of the tablet market at the end of 2013. Samsung had 18.8% after growing a whopping 85% year over year.The below chart summarize the chart  showing how samsung i breathing down Apples neck


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