Friday, January 31, 2014

Record iPhone Sales Fails To Shore up Apple's First Loss in a Decade

  The chart shows Global iPhone Sales by Quarter  2007,Q3 to 2014,Q1

 The chart shows the  iPhone  sales chart from 2007 onwards  ( post the iphone launch to 2014 Q1 has been shown. The charts clearly show how the  iphone sales spiked up  to more than average  every 6 months  to 9 month  intervals.These spikes were due to the launch of new iPhone versions, The iPhone 5S and 5C probably explains the spike in 2013 Q1 and 2014,Q!

The iPhone, iPad and mini iPad failed to keep up the momentum of " profits made by  Apple during the last decade . Apples profits  from its entire range of  products tanked the first time in a decade  as shown in the charts. The Red color shows a loss of 11% in 2012, Q3, and Q4


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