Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Mobile Contributes 20% Spends in South Korea, retains its no 1 Rank in Mobile Adoption

Mobile Spends highest in South Korea

While Global spending on Mobile technologies and mobile marketing  showed a double digit growth rate this year .Its South Korea  which continues to be a powerhouse on Mobile Usage  

The Mobile Economy  has grown so fast in Korea that in South Korea ,one out of every five ad dollars in South Korea will go toward mobile spending ( 20% spends ) South Korea  has consistently  continued to be in the number of 1 nation in terms of adoption and broadband access

South Korea as been  historically  a" nation" with  the highest penetration of   mobile usage both  in terms of adoption   and also no 1 in terms of  broadband  connections In 2010, broadband was already in over 90% of households, and the number of mobile connections had surpassed the country’s total population.

Emarketer reports that 2014  is likely to see  South Korea set to 

 outstrip Japan for the highest percentage worldwide of mobile phone users accessing the mobile internet, at 63%, . That number is set to grow till the end og 2014, when South Korea nears maturity in the market and Japan begins to catch up.


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