Friday, January 3, 2014

Apple Continues to make Money ,as its marketshare dips to a 4 Year

 Chart: The iPhone Retains a Lofty Premium Over Its Competition | Statista:

While Apple continues to slide in its marketshare for Smartphones, the positive thing about this that " Apple's Premium Position has been untouched . What this means that  although " Apples marketshare in the ;ast 4 years has shrunk to  12%, It continues to make money, and lots of money as compared  to its competitors in terms of " cost per unit

According to IDC, the average selling price of the iPhone (that includes all models) was $635 in the past quarter, as compared to  average price of all Android devices sold in the same period was just $268. This means that most of the consumer who are looking for a premium smartphones tends to stick around

According to an analysis by Canaccord Genuity, Apple took 56 percent of the smartphone industry's operating profits in the third quarter. The only other company that made any money in the smartphone game was Samsung, with the rest barely breaking even


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