Monday, December 2, 2013

Mobile accounted 43% thanksgiving Traffic with 26% Shopping Conversion

with the chart above shows the Real Time sales chart during Thanksgiving 2013 with sales peaking at around 7.30pm

  Online sales in the U.S. during  Thanksgiving 2013 grew by up nearly 20% as compared to a 19.7% on 2012,

The IBM Research on 2013 E-commerce traffic for the Holiday season is just out .  And by all reasons we wont be suprised by mobile Shopping establishing itself as "the clear alternative to online ( Desktop and PC shopping :
But the real impact was the way which Mobile held on its own .. and up to an extent .. took away a substantial share from the eCommerce space ( Online Shopping ). Thanksgiving sales were up with an especially strong push from mobile devices, which accounted for over one-quarter (25.8%) of all sales on the day and nearly half of all e-commerce traffic."

With Mobile generating  43% of  traffic this thanksgiving,it signals the gradual coming of age of mobile commerce as it accounted for  25% of online sales :
However it was the Tablets see the most actual purchases - 16.5% of all online sales - while smartphones accounted for 9%.

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