Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Mobile Data Revenue set to grow 40% by 2015

Mobile commerce revenue

Mobile data Revenue charts
A recent Deloitte  market study 49% wireless companies believe thtt Internet/web-based companies, rather  than network carriers or handset makers, will dominate  mobile in five years.

Around 70% mobile companies" think that Internet/web-based companies, defined as companies in the Google and Apple mould, will come to dominate the mobile sector in five years. Meanwhile, 87% feels "that to sustain competitiveness, carriers must make the  transition from the walled gardens of the past to new  organizational models built around open development  ecosystems.

Mobile services are poised to dominate future  revenue opportunities – mobile cloud, M2M and mobile payments thought to hold most value  potential. Mobile data revenue is set to grow 40% in US by 2015,Meanwhile CISCO predicts mobile data traffic to growth 250% in the next 2 years


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