Monday, September 16, 2013

What Does the New iPhone Launch 5C vs 5S mean for Apple

 The batttle of  iphne 5C vs iPhone 5S wars

The announce of  iPhone 5S  is mired with 2 facts  1) Does Apple wants to go the Intel way with a annual product upgrade  based on a technological breakthrough 5 years ago ? or  does the company really have a problem  in their hands as they dont yet ' in not having a product " that can be positioned as a Ipod, Ipad or the iPhone 

Coming Back is to the Launch of the 5S and  5C  the  5TH Generation iPhone Model  The iPhone 5C is somewhat cheaper, and has a more modest build and feature set. Both of these phones are primed to take on the Android competition this autumn, and going by their features, It should not worry Android that much
Much like the iPhone 4S, the new iPhone 5S looks physically identical to its predecessor, the iPhone 5 and it comes  at a Premium. It comes packing the new Apple A7 processor, which Apple promises will double performance over last year's model. On top of that, the A7 is the first 64-bit smartphone processor – although there are some who firmly believe that’s just marketing bluster.

The 5S also features Apple's new M7 chip, which measures motion data from a variety of sensors. Think of it as an activity tracker built right into the phone. This new chip will also help improve battery l


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