Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Apple To Launch 2 New iPhone Models 5S and 5C

Apple's New iphone Models To be launched on 10th september,2013:The above video  invitation reads "This should brighten everyone's day." . This day will see the launch of iPhone 5S and budgetversion model iphone5C. along with colorfuliOS 7 operating system 

Brace Yourself for a brand new iPhone  coming soon to the nearest Apple Showroom

The New iphones  ( Apple iPhone 5S and 5C)  will be launched on September 10th..Apple will likely introduce two new iPhone models. The first will be the top-tier iPhone, which the press has dubbed the iPhone 5S. It'll look nearly identical to the current iPhone 5, but will have some improved internal hardware like a better camera and faster processor. The phone will also come in a gold color.

Apple sent out invitations to the press today for an event on September 10 to announce its next iPhone. The event starts at 10 a.m. Pacific, 1 p.m. Eastern.

 Apple’s new 5C is targeted at Masses who are looking at  affordability  of the smartphone who might be buying it for their first time specially in emerging economic markets ( India, China, Brazil Russia)

In terms of design, it would be a break with the past , as  the shiny black device will have a plastic body  with  several color options instead of the regular Black and White Colors

Meanwhile,  while Mac sales declined (biggest drop in a decade ,the popularity of Apple's iPad has helped turn it into the world'slargest PC manufacturer when iPads are included.
But the Mac has shrunk to just 20 percent of Apple's total PC shipments, when including the iPad.


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