Saturday, August 24, 2013

55 %of Android phone Users Prefer a screens of 4.5 inches or more

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In anticipation of last year’s iPhone 5 launch, speculation  was rife about Apple screen size . Many  News and Media reports had even commented that " how large a screen Apple would grant its new iPhone model after the company’s leadership had long been adamant that 3.5 inches was the perfect size for a smartphone screen

The iPhone 5 came out with a 4-inch screen, which is still pretty small compared to the most popular Android phones. According to data provided by Kantar Worldpanel ComTech, only 16% of Android smartphones sold in the United States between April and June this year were equipped with screens smaller than 4 inches in diagonal. More importantly, 55 percent of Android phones sold sported significantly larger screens of 4.5 inches or more. Samsung’s flagship model, the Galaxy S4, comes with a giant 5-inch screen compared to which the iPhone 5 looks miniature.


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