Monday, April 29, 2013

Mobile Commerce Adoption in Spain : Iphone vs Android Platform

Spain might not have the best networks, the fastest connections or the cheapest tariffs, but it can say it is one of the European countries with the biggest internet addiction. More than 6 million Spaniards — 25% of all users — are permanently connected to the internet in one way or another, according to the new “Information Society in Spain” report for 2012, which was released  early this year
Smartphone penetration in Spain is 63.2%, the highest figure in the EU and one of the highest in the world, the report revealed, while 43% of Spanish users now use their cellphones to access the internet, triple the amount in 2011.

In terms of frequency, 89% of Spanish smartphone owners say they connect to the net daily.
Meanwhile, 72.6% of Spaniards say they connect each day, a modest 1.2% rise.

Spanish Smartphone Shoppers: iPhone vs Android: "Mobile shopping in Spain is growing amongst Spain’s 24 million smartphone users. In the 3 month average ending February 2013, 10 percent of Spanish smartphone owners used their device to purchase a good or service at least once during the month. These mobile purchases range from clothing and accessories, to airline tickets and consumer electronics, but exclude digital content such as games or apps.

The comparison between iPhone and Android users shows that their mobile shopping behaviours differ significantly. In February 2013, Spanish iPhone users were twice as likely as Spanish Android users to shop 1-3 times during the month. Additionally, nearly 1 in 5 iPhone users in Spain made a mobile purchase at least once during the month, compared to 9.4 percent of Android users.



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