Monday, March 25, 2013

Mobile Commerce To Witness 115% in 2013 Year End

 £800million is expected to come from existing mobile shoppers spending more money, while another £1billion will come from new users.

Reports show that round 47% of consumers use their smartphone to search for local information, such as a store they want to visit. 46% look up a store’s mobile site and 42% check inventory prior to visiting a store.

Recent article in shows Mobile-commerce, has already risen 55 per cent compared to a year ago, and an item is now purchased on eBay every second via a smartphone or tablet

Thanks to new 4G connections, offering speeds around five times faster than on most current mobiles, it is estimated that the amount spent via m-commerce will now rise a further 115 per cent in the next 12 months, during which time the number of smartphones will also overtake the number of PCs in Britain.


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