160million US consumers have smartphone title

The US finally crossed the figure of 65% Smartphone Penetration with with a 66.8 % mobile market penetration) during the three months ending in January, up 7 percent since October,2013 compared with January 2014.

The Price Gap between Android and iOS Smartphones

Though its hardly a surprise that the average selling price of Apple's iPhones is higher than that of Android smartphones. as What is surprising though, is the fact that the price gap between iOS and Android devices is actually widening.

Mobile Search To Exceed PC and Desktop Search by 14th December ,2014

Global Mobile search will finally match the Global Search via Desktop . And brace yourself for the date , as this is going to happen right this year ( 2014 )4 December 2014 – the day Google predicts mobile querieswill reach 50% |

Dallas, Washington DC and San Francisco Tops US biggest Smartphone Market

Smartphone penetration continues to grow, exceeding 65% of the US mobile subscriber market during the fourth quarter ( between Oct 2013-2014 Jan), according to comScore. .

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Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Mobile Advertising Trust Index : Demographic Comparison

Mobile Ads and Demographic factors
Mobile Advertising Trust Index

Only 3% of Americans completely trust the advertisements they see, read or hear, while 11% don’t trust them at all, according to the results of a survey conducted by YouGov. 

The survey found that among American adults who see any advertising at least once a month, 44% find them to be fairly (37%) or very (7%) dishonest, and half don’t trust them. The figures were fairly consistent across demographic groups, except one exception : the Black Americans

31%  of black Americans believed  the ads they see are dishonest, and an equal percentage don’t trust them

Chrysler to Launch three-dimensional augmented reality Apps at NY Auto Show

Chrysler will this week preview its upcoming three-dimensional augmented reality application at the New York Auto Show, marking an improvement from its previous Mopar AR Ram app. 

 The new app will allow visitors to experience the 2015 Charger and Challenger models on their own tablets or mobile devices, giving them the ability to custom design vehicles, take 360-degree tours of the interior and exterior offerings and test drive their cars on a virtual track. 

While several automakers have similarly adopted augmented reality to showcase modification options, Chrysler's self-proclaimed “Mopar” parts and accessories claims to be the largest aftermarket source of accessories designed and tested by the same engineers who created the automobiles.

Monday, April 7, 2014

The Impact of Mobile on The World's Poorest Region: Sub Saharan Africa

 Why The Poorest Regions of The world is being transformed by the Mobile Economy

A recent report on how the Mobile Economy impacts nations " a recent report “Sub-Saharan Africa Mobile Economy 2013”, developed by GSMA Intelligence, reveals that mobile contributes over six per cent of the region’s GDP, higher than any other comparable region globally, and this is forecast to rise to over eight per cent by 2020 1. Last year, the mobile ecosystem directly supported 3.3 million jobs and contributed US $21 billion to public funding in the region, including licence fees. By 2020, mobile is set to double its economic effect, employing 6.6 million men and women in the region and contributing US $42 billion to public funding.